I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am grateful for meeting you and for using your Lap Band program. It has completely changed the way I eat now. Never thought it was possible. Never saw the changes coming. Never really was a conscious effort. Seems so natural.

Snacking is in my past. Only three meals. My clothes look better then ever. I am faster and better on the court and coarse.
I lost several strokes on my golf game.   15lbs. on the scale.
Thank you very much

Dearest Betty,   thank you so very much for your help & even at the last minute on the spot!!!

I really appreciate your help! Thanks to you hypnotizing me I was able to retrieve a visual image that eventually led to my discovering where I had left the important document that I had hid away for safekeeping. I had been really struggling with the onset of a head cold, being over whelmed with class work, my studies & a upcoming test that day, and work - so my mind was on overload and very foggy cloudy. I just could not think clearly enough to remember where I had placed the paper.  Once I had a moment to sit, feel relaxed and not the pressure of running to class ~ boom! it came to me!!! I had a clear image of the inside side wall of a bookcase with lots of colorful fabric .... and viola! there it was! Right away!!! I had to call you asap as I was so overjoyed and marveled at the whole experience of being hypnotized to tap into my memory!!! I believe that you helped me relax my mind and retrieve that visual image that was the missing key for me. A heartfelt thank you, I send to you.

N. D.

I am a 61 year old retired educator who is very pleased to share my experience with Betty Calabro.  After just one HYPNOSIS session I AM ENJOYING RESTORATIVE SLEEP, INCREASED SELF-ESTEEM AND PRACTICING FORGIVENESS.

I was able to nap soundly for several hours  even missing dinner after my session!  It is usually impossible for me to nap at all.  Then I went to bed early, sleeping uninterrupted until 6:30am the next morning.  A VERITABLE MIRACLE!  I can say that days later I am more peaceful and centered. I owe this renewed sense of well-being to Betty's empathic and thoughtful HYPNOSIS session.
Give it a try!  It works!


While I am, and have been into "alternative health modalities" I had no familiarity with EFT.  Thank you.  It was an eye-opening experience.  I learned a great deal about items I had not thought of for many years; released some of that and overall felt so up-lifted, renewed and balanced.

You especially, Betty, as practitioner, were patient, thorough, very clear, a great listener and your guidance in supporting new knowledge and getting me to know and respond were all positive and effective.  And you gave no advice.  Thank you for that as well.

... your process was so freeing and even better than "traditional therapy"; having the opportunity to "tell my story" and share who I am and what I am about was cleansing, provocative, insightful and helpful.  Thank you again.  I sing your praises.


Working with Betty, I have been able to maintain calm and focus in a particularly tumultuous year in which I lost my home to a fire, my elderly Mom developed a blood clot in her lung and requires me to give her shots twice per day, we're coping with a retail business and I'm building a new web writing career.
Despite it all, my sessions with Betty have helped me to maintain an inner peace and move forward one step at a time.

Kathleen Cleary, 2010

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What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a method by which we can alter our state of awareness, allowing us to focus upon issues or ideas of our choosing.

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We can use this tool to:
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  • gain a sense of control in our lives.

Elizabeth Solana Calabro believes that the only limit to an individual's success are the limiting beliefs that are held in the mind. Unfortunately many of the messages and beliefs we hold in the mind are false.  Misunderstandings, misread statements or comments that were not meant for the the listener, real or imagined,  are roadblocks to moving forward in life.   On a conscious level we make decisions and set goals which can only be met when limiting beliefs have been eliminated. 

Hypnosis can eliminate those limiting beliefs.

Hypnosis will help you:
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